Curriculum Guidance

Skeleton Framework for ESLTP Program


Explanation of Program
a.   Eligibility
b.   Goals of Program
c.   Expectations of the students and the program

Administration of the TABE Test
Completion by Students
a.   Registration
b.   ESLTP Forms (Contact Data)
c.   Job Skills Assessment

Career Exploration and Awareness

Self Assessment
Career Exploration
a.   Career Interest Inventory
b.   Occupational Outlook
c.   workNet
d.   Explore College Career Placement Resources

Job Skills

Professional Development
a.   Teamwork
b.   Communication Skills
Time Management
Workplace Ethics
Positive Attitude
Workplace Health and Safety
Workplace Legal Matters
Introduction to workplace computing

Survival Skills

Consumer Economics
Money Management
a.   Banking and Credit
b.   Insurance
c.   Taxes

Application and Resume

Completion by Students
a.   Resume Worksheet
b.   Resume
c.   Cover Letter
d.   Sample Employment Application

Job Search

Dress for Success
a.   Interview Practice Questions
b.   Interview Follow-up Thank you Letter
c.   Mock Interview
Completion by Students
a.   Classified Ad
b.   Illinois Job Outlook


Goal Setting
Postsecondary Educational Opportunities
a.   Programs
b.   Financial Aid
c.   Scholarships
Qualifications and Requirements for College, Technical Training and/or Military
Job Shadowing Experience
College Course Audit Experience